KOASIS dreams of a safe world.​
A safe world depends on our concern and endeavor.

KOASIS is a mechanical engineering company dedicated to assuring the structural integrity of the pressure components and steel structures installed in nuclear and other power plants.


We provide analytical services such as thermal, structural, dynamic, fatigue, fracture and piping analyses. The results are evaluated in accordance with the applicable Codes such as ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code or Korea Electric Power Industry Code. We provide Design Reports or Analysis Reports as required.

Our clients are those who operates nuclear power plants, researches and develops nuclear power facilities, or designs and manufactures pressure components and steel structures.


With the public safety in top priority we will do our best to provide the design documents of top quality on time to our clients. We believe that the most important thing in business is trust and it is maintained by a "Win-Win" policy between the client and us.

We hope you get the information you need here and get in touch with us for a wonderful business partnership.

Sincerely yours,


S.B. Han / CEO, RPE



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