We provide analytical engineering services mainly based on finite element analysis with ANSYS, a general purpose finite element analysis software. The scope of our services are as follows;

  • Mechanical component engineering in nuclear industry (KEPIC/ASME B&PV Code Section III)

    • Design reports

    • RPE certification

    • Environment fatigue evaluation

    • Calculation reports

    • Design drawing

  • Seismic analysis for Equipment Qualification of nuclear safety-related facilities

  • Analysis works covering thermal/structural/dynamic/fatigue/fracture/buckling/piping​

  • Engineering support for future reactor development

    • Elevated temperature reactor

    • International thermonuclear experimental reactor

  • Mechanical compenent engineering in fossil power and petrochemical industries
    (ASME Code Section VIII Div.2)

  • Software development for design and analysis

    • Programming for fatigue evaluation

  • Third-party review

    • Review of design & assessment document

  • Training

    • KEPIC/ASME Code, design by analysis

    • Design report

    • FE analysis

    • Supporting acquisition of KEPIC/ASME certification, in design activity

  • Application of advanced engineering technologies



Some of our project experiences are shown below;

  • Design reports for APR1400 primary components including Steam Generator, Pressurizer, and Safety Injection Tank

  • Design analysis of Korea Advanced Liquid Metal Reactor, KALIMER-600

  • Seismic analysis of Nuclear Fuel Cleaning Fixture

  • Design analysis of ITER Tritium Storage and Delivery System Components

  • High energy line break analysis of Class 1&2 piping lines

  • Lifetime extension evaluation of CANDU Fuelling Machine

  • Leak-before-break evaluation of Class 1 piping

  • Structural analysis of Pool Platform for Jordan research reactor

  • Environmental fatigue evaluation of Class 1 valves

  • Design and dynamic qualification reports for Emergency Diesel Generator tanks

  • Optimization study on fatigue evaluation of Pressurizer Surge Line

  • Analytical engineering for Steam Generator Replacement

  • High temperature design analyses of pressure components for Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor test loop, STELLA-2

  • Consultation on design and analysis in accordance with ASME B&PV Code, Section III, Subsection NB and NF


Samples of our project experiences are shown below.



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